Friday, December 19, 2008

World Center For Arts, Cultures & Technology

In short time, television and computers will merge completely. When they do, whatever you have in front of you, whether hand-held or on a screen will do the same thing. You will have a world of information anywhere you go.

This process took a long time, namely because we had to figure out whether to turn TV into computer, or computer into TV, the latter being a lot more reasonable and practical, and when that was settled we are now on our way to Internet Provided Television, (ipTV) - a world of hundreds of millions of interactive channels that will mark the end of YouTube’s low-resolution videos replaced by high-definition resolution and broadband-driven interactive media. At that point information will be available everywhere and high-information content will become raison d’etre of all technologies.

Languages and cultures other than English will become the focal point of interest beyond sports, movies, music and online games when we are presented with cultural domains previously untapped by high-end information technology capable of delivering full blown, fully interactive, culturally enticing experiences on any subject from any area, and from any period of time.

At that point we will begin to interact with cultures from around the world without having to fly to Europe, Asia and Africa, and by visiting telepresence centers around the world such as the World Center for Arts, Cultures & Technology and experience high-content education live by having personal contact, and personal experience with anyone from the past and present in high-definition 3D, holographic enviroment that will make us feel like we are physicially there, looking at, speaking with and meeting face-to-face with Shakespeare, Plato, Mozart, Einstein, Newton, Galileo, Archimedes, James Joyce, Mark Twain, Jimi Hendrix, Thomas Jefferson, Aristotle, Bach and so on...

A complete 3D reconstruction of each person in tele-immersion will be presented at each and every pavilion theme according to each civilization, or nationality at various locations in the world by using multi telepresence cameras that take rapid, sequential shots of the same object, continuously performing distance calculations, and projecting them into high-end, computer-simulated environment to replicate real-time images and movement. As a result, visitors and audiences at The World Center for Arts, Cultures & Technology will be able to physically shake hands with Christopher Columbus, Winston Churchil, Copernicus, Goethe or whoever they like depending on whatever they select for their cultural insights from the Center's super-computer database.

From there they will be guided around the world immersed in holographic virtual reality experience, hours later walking away with expert knowledge on many subjects such as history, sociology, science, politics and the arts represented as the ultimate juxtaposition of technology and entertainment related to particular segment of the world, blending the audiences highly subjective, entertaining and educational experiences with any time period they wish to visit.

World Center For Arts, Cultures & Technology - Main Location

Highest level scholarly research and information content will be the predominant criteria for The World Center for Arts, Cultures & Technology juxtaposed with a multitude of representative Web portals around the world that will set the standard for new, knowledge-based Internet.

Located on 1,000 acres of land, this futuristic state-of-the-art, tele-presence center will be the future research headquarters for world-renowned scientists and scholars who will daily contribute to the center's cumulative knowledge by providing specifically-tailored research and high-information, knowledge-drive content in many areas of human endeavor available daily to millions of visitors from around the world.

World Center For Arts, Cultures & Technology - 2nd Location

Substantial resources will be added to the economy by various sponsors and corporations - including governments participating in the research and development of each pavilion representing individual countries e.g. the American Pavilion, the English Pavilion, the German Pavilion, the French Pavilion, the Greek Pavilion, the Italian Pavilion representing their country’s national heritage, and featuring their nation's historical accomplishments presented in the context of history, literature, art, music, linguistics, architecture, applied science, philosophy, law, military history, technology, education, medicine, law, sports, religion, business, trade, politics, customs, traditions, folklore, genetics, neuroscience and cognitive sciences and various fields related to each particular era in history up to date.

Tele-Immersion Theater at World Center for Arts, Cultures & Technology

Admission will be free to millions of visitors to WCACT. Known as the Center it will be entirely a non-profit organization. The Center will have substantial revenues from major corporations and governments participating in and representing cultural diversity, heritage and the domain of their nation in select categories such as technology, the arts, the sciences, history, and education in each tele-immersion Pavilion of their national origin. Corresponding galaxy of websites and portals featuring high-end information content will accompany the work and mission of the Center globally.

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